Danny’s Monster Goes To The Arboretum . . . newest book is available!

“Who’s a who?” asks a puzzled monster when he first sees the twins. . . and there’s good reason for his confusion! The boys, Kyle and Jordan, are identical twins and even their Gramma needs to have special ways to tell them apart!’

“Who’s a who?” asks monster when he sees the twins.

There’s lots of fun for boys and monster when they are romping in the Arboretum . . . and some trouble, too.

Be sure to get the book and read all about it!

Join Danny and his special friends as they hunt for giant frogs at the Arboretum!


New Danny Book Hit’s the Beach! – er, store

It's a fun day at the beach for Danny's monster!
It’s a fun day at the beach for Danny’s monster!

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Take a boy and his colorful monster, add a girl with a boat and her dolly – to the beach and you have the makings for a fun-filled adventure.

Stir in a sand castle in need of repair, a ba-zillion sand people – sand people??!! – some crabs and seagulls, and you have the recipe for a fun story that the kids will love . . . and that’s any kid, young or old, who has ever spent a delightful hour or two with a shovel and a bucket and a beach full of sand. Heaven!

This delightful little story is sure to please the child in everyone. “Snizzle warts and Jammy toes – Unless you trys it, you won’t knows!” says the monster.