Danny’s Missing Monster Available Now!

Adventures and fun – at least for readers! A trip to the zoo can be a scary, hairy outing for a pesky little monster that decides to do some exploring on his own!

Pink flamingos, giant turtles, alligators, monkeys – who knows where monster goes? Or how he’ll get back to Danny . . ?

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Danny's Missing Monster - another fun monster adventure!
Danny’s Missing Monster – another fun monster adventure!

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Danny’s Missing Monster Coming Very Soon!

Missing? Where, oh where can that little monster be? He’s supposed to be in the back pack … but, he got bored and off he went.

Now, when you get lost at the Zoo, who knows what might happen to you? There are lots of scary animals that might get you – even if you are a “scary” little monster.

Scaryator - I don't wanna be lunch for an alligator!
Scaryator – I don’t wanna be lunch for an alligator!

It’s a fun story . . and monster learns some lessons along the way. Happy ending? You’ll see –

For frights and fun, be sure to get your copy of Danny’s Missing Monster. Up on Amazon kindle by Saturday, April 23rd. $2.99

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In honor of author Janet Young’s birthday, April 5, all of the kindle Danny Books will be Free. Please download and enjoy!

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Danny’s Monster Mischief:  http://jcy.me/9zfp

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Coming Soon:   “Monster Missing” and “Monster Goes to School”  Lots of fun and adventures ahead for Danny and his monster friend!!

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It’s Available Now . . Monster Mischief !

Have you been waiting waiting for the next adventure with Danny and his magic monster?

Danny Book 3
Monster Mischief

This book # 3 in the Danny series is now up on amazon kindle store ! http://jcy.me/9zfp

Stand by for some colorful fun!

Will Danny really use monster to scare his sister Molly? And, if he does, how will she react? Find out the answers and get another great little book to read to the kids!

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