New Christmas Story

Danny Books has a new rhyming story to light up the holiday season.

So excited to announce this delightful new book for the holiday season. It’s a celebration of kids, the monster  and colors for the year end special! This book features cute rhymes and giggles for the kids.

Monster loves da Christmas tree!
Monster loves da Christmas tree!

This is a Christmas story. Mostly silly and meant for fun with some very good ideas and values thrown in. . . like letting the children help with the cookie baking and tree decorating.

Oh dear, you say. It’s so much easier just to do it on my own. I totally agree, but, getting the kids involved adds an extra dimension to Christmas for them. Giving away some cookies that they have decorated “all by themselves!” puts tons of special meaning into the gift.

And those cards. . . well, anyone can get a card from the store, purchased by the box. But how many of us would (much) rather receive a hand-drawn picture card from a little kid – the funkier, the better.  Now that would be a special card!

Kids love to make cards!
Kids love to make cards!

I invite you to get this little book and enjoy for Christmas. Available in ebook version and paperback as well. And I wish I could send you all a batch of cookies and a bundle of Christmas Joy!

Danny's Monster Christmas Magic: A rhyming book to light up the season!
Danny’s Monster Christmas Magic: A rhyming story to light up the season!



New Danny Book Hit’s the Beach! – er, store

It's a fun day at the beach for Danny's monster!
It’s a fun day at the beach for Danny’s monster!

Be the first to buy and review “Danny’s Monster and the Sand People” and I will send you a signed copy of the print book as soon as I get them! Send me an email with your reviewer name to

Take a boy and his colorful monster, add a girl with a boat and her dolly – to the beach and you have the makings for a fun-filled adventure.

Stir in a sand castle in need of repair, a ba-zillion sand people – sand people??!! – some crabs and seagulls, and you have the recipe for a fun story that the kids will love . . . and that’s any kid, young or old, who has ever spent a delightful hour or two with a shovel and a bucket and a beach full of sand. Heaven!

This delightful little story is sure to please the child in everyone. “Snizzle warts and Jammy toes – Unless you trys it, you won’t knows!” says the monster.



Take a Walk – with a child. . .

One of my very favorite things – with my kids and grand kids, when they were toddlers to about age 6 -was going for a walk. It can be around the block, in a park or just out in the backyard garden.

Take along a little note pad and maybe a collection container – then make it an adventure, not just a ‘walk’. Throw some ideas out to the child, then listen/encourage/play.

What do I mean by that? Well, tell the child to listen to all the sounds they hear and then to tell you about them. “Shhh. Let’s be very quiet and listen to the sounds. What do you hear? What do you think is making that sound? Can you tell me what it looks like? big or little? bird or bug or ?”

Or try “Let’s see how many animals and bugs we can see on this adventure” and when the child sees something then ask “what is that bee doing?” or “where do you think that bird is going?” or “where does that squirrel live?”

You get the idea! Listen closely to their answers. Don’t be at all critical -just go with what they tell you and ask questions that encourage more ideas and imagination.

A walk/adventure like this was the foundation of a story – about a ladybug. Walking with my 4 year old granddaughter, looking for animals and bugs, she found a little red bug on a flower leaf.

We looked at it and I asked her what it was. She said it was a ladybug. “But don’t ladybugs have spots on them? I asked.

Little Meg cocked her head, put a finger to her chin, and said to me, very seriously “Yes, but this one lost them.”

“Oh,” I said. “How would a ladybug lose her spots?”

“I don’t know!” replied Megan with a big grin. “She just did. And now they’re all gone.”

“Well,” I continued the dialog, “What is she going to do with no spots?”

“I don’t know,” said Megan. “She’s very sad.”

“Oh dear,” I said. “Shall we put her in our little jar and help her look for her spots?”

Megan thought that was a wonderful idea and, carefully, we put the leaf with the ladybug into out little jar. It was ‘game on’ for the two of us!

We saw bees on some flowers. “Do you have the ladybug’s spots?” Megan asked them as they busily flew from flower to flower.

“What did the bees say?” I asked Meg.

“They just said buzzzzz! No spots!” she answered.

We saw a big cobweb with a spider hanging from a mailbox. Megan went right over to it and said “Did you take the ladybug’s spots? euuuu – you are a scary spider.” -and she ran back to me.

“No spots!” Meg said. “Let’s go.”

So on we went … and we saw birds, a big toad, a (plastic bunny who was no help at all!) lots of bugs – and, of course, every new creature we came to got asked if it had the ladybug spots.

We arrived back home with the ladybug but no spots. “Now what shall we do?” I asked. “Can we paint some spots on her?”

That made Megan laugh. “That wouldn’t work on a Bug – silly gramma!”

“Hey,” I asked. “Would it work if a Fairy did it? Maybe we can find a fairy garden.”

That idea hit home with Meg so our next mission was to find someone who had a fairy garden. It turned out that there was a house with a sweet little fairy garden not too far away – so off we went.

When we arrived, there were no fairies at home, so we left the little ladybug, still on her leaf, right on the tiny table in front of the fairy house.

“You tell the fairies to paint you some new spots,” Megan instructed the ladybug before we left her there. “Then you can fly away home and be happy.”

That night we told Megan’s mom and daddy about our adventure walk – and later we sat down and wrote a story about it.

And now, with some new little twists and turns, the story of “Lily The Ladybug Who Had No Spots” lives forever in the pages of the book!

Share some stories with us that you have made up with your kids or grand children! If you have such a story – and would like to see it turn into a little children’s book – send me an email at

Perhaps we can make it happen – and dedicate it to your child!

Here’s the link to our Ladybug story. Enjoy!

PS: We still love to walk – but the stories are very different now! (16 years later)

A garden adventure for Lily.
Lily the Ladybug – Will she find her spots?



Ladybug Flies Onto the Bookshelf!!

A garden adventure for Lily.
Lily the Ladybug – Will she find her spots?

This adorable little ladybug named Lily just flew into the growing stack of Danny Books looking for her spots! She wants us to help her find them. Now, how can we resist doing a favor for such a cute little bug? Now you need to help us too and share this with lots of children!

Lily has no spots! No one seems to know what happened to her spots but the other ladybugs tease her all of the time, and she is sad.

But Lily is an action-taker and off she goes on a great adventure into the garden all by herself, determined to find her missing spots!

There are many creatures in the garden – creepy spiders, hungry toads, busy, buzzy bees – oh Lily is sure to meet some characters!

And, at last, she finds the very special surprise that will help her solve her problem . . but how? and who?

This is a fun little adventure – just right for that read-aloud bedtime story! Your kids will love it!

Danny’s Missing Monster Coming Very Soon!

Missing? Where, oh where can that little monster be? He’s supposed to be in the back pack … but, he got bored and off he went.

Now, when you get lost at the Zoo, who knows what might happen to you? There are lots of scary animals that might get you – even if you are a “scary” little monster.

Scaryator - I don't wanna be lunch for an alligator!
Scaryator – I don’t wanna be lunch for an alligator!

It’s a fun story . . and monster learns some lessons along the way. Happy ending? You’ll see –

For frights and fun, be sure to get your copy of Danny’s Missing Monster. Up on Amazon kindle by Saturday, April 23rd. $2.99

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Danny’s Dancing Socks remains FREE and can be downloaded at   This is a fun, rhyming bedtime story and is sure to get smiles and giggles from the kids!

All 3 of the Danny Books are also available in paperback … check it out on Amazon.

Thanks again for reading … and stay tuned for the next book  “Danny’s Monster Missing”

Where's the monster??
Where’s the monster??


April 5th – Danny Books FREE in kindle – Party Time!

In honor of author Janet Young’s birthday, April 5, all of the kindle Danny Books will be Free. Please download and enjoy!

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FYI – Danny’s Monster Mischief, the latest in the series, will be FREE for 3 days – April 4, 5, 6.

Coming Soon:   “Monster Missing” and “Monster Goes to School”  Lots of fun and adventures ahead for Danny and his monster friend!!

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Imagination . . . Use It!

Nice word – imagination. It has “image” in it and allows us to ‘see’ things in our minds. They can be beautiful things, funny things, fantastical things -and they can be scary things too.

Children have great imaginations, at least most of them do. I believe they should be encouraged to use their imaginations in play and stories as they grow.

We used to play imagination games: can you see a funny animal? and then have the child describe what they imagined – color, features, size, sound it makes, where does it live, etc.

And then we would all go on to make up stories about this new ‘creature’ of ours . . . what was it’s name, what food did it like, what games could it play, and so forth.

If they imagined a scary or mean creature we would do the same thing. Find out all about it. Why was it scary and then, of course, we’d learn that things we just make up are not ‘real’ and certainly won’t harm us. How could we make friends with “scary” and why was it mean? Perhaps it had a toothache? Maybe it was just lonely. Maybe it wanted a friend!

I am quite astounded by the toys these days and all of the things that they do. My granddaughter has a complete (child sized) kitchen with pots, pans, dishes and even plastic food! Good grief. We “pretended” all of that – and had lots of fun without the huge financial commitment to loads of plastic junk.

When my daughter was old enough to want an “easy bake oven” I bought her a box of Jiffy mixes and let her whip up little cakes and brownies that were big enough for the whole family to have a piece. It took more interaction and supervision, yes, but the end result was rewarding for everyone – and cheaper than the easy bake stuff!

Here’s a smile memory: My oldest son wanted to bake too, and would have fun with mixes. One time when he was in 5th grade or so, he decided to bake a cake ‘from scratch’ as we were all out of mixes. He did a fine job – EXCEPT, he put in a cup of SALT instead of a cup of SUGAR!! Needless to say … that was one cake that never got eaten. 🙂

These days many families have an entire room just devoted to the children’s toys. Every other object blinks with colored lights, talks, roars or makes music. Not much is left for the children to imagine!

However, bring in a nice big empty box to cut openings and make a ‘house’ – or some old blankets to drape over chairs and make a ‘tent’ and watch the kids abandon the fancy stuff and go for the box or blankets! (Plain old wooden blocks are great too)

Truth be told, children don’t need a room full of toys. They need a few special things that they enjoy and they need the interaction of their families – play with them. Read  with them. Have tea-parties or road races with the little cars. Do puzzles. Play board games or card games. Go for walks. Let them help in the garden. Collect bugs together. . . have fun!

Teach your children that there are marvelous things to learn and do. Keep the TV watching time and computer game time to a minimal.

Life is calling – nature, friends, pets, family – it’s a wonderful life! Now, use YOUR IMAGINATION to help your children learn and grow!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of Danny’s Magic Monster yet, be sure to get it now!