New Easter Storybook Hops Into Spring!

So excited to have Danny’s newest story -just in time for Easter – which is a very good thing because that’s what it is all about!

Monster is looking silly in that Bunny suit!!

So it’s springtime and there’s work to be done to get the yard all cleaned up and ready for the Easter bunny and a good Easter egg hunt.

Monster is dancing around, looking for mischief. He can’t figure out why Danny is so busy when all he wants to do is play!

And then he hear something. It sounds like crying! Who could be sad? Why? And where?

So off goes monster to find the answers. You’ll find them too is you hop to it and get this fun little storybook.

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Danny’s Magic Monster Special Easter Adventure

Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. . . Who’s in those bushes . . ?!

Danny was helping his daddy rake up leaves from their yard. It was spring cleanup time and the day before Easter. The weather was warm and sunny – a wonderful day to be outside! Monster was outside too, watching Danny and wondering what sort of fun he could have if he just jumped into the leaf pile – kerplunk! And then he’d scatter the leaves all around – aw-oh-dee-dum-dee-funk.

But then monster heard a little noise. Sniff, sniff, sniff . . . coming from under the lilac bushes along the fence. “Sniffle-snurk, sniffle-chat,” he asked Danny. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what, monster?” Danny replied. “I’m busy right now. I didn’t hear anything.” And Danny kept right on raking the leaves into a pile, making a scrape, scrape, scrape sound on the grass.

So monster flipped a couple of somersaults and wandered off to where he thought he heard the noise. Then he stopped and stood very quiet, listening.

He heard birds chirping. He heard a car drive by on the street. He heard an airplane up in the sky. He heard the scrape, scrape, scrape of Danny’s rake. And then – he heard it again, sniff, sniff, sniff, coming out from under the bushes.

“Snick-a-picka-din-din,” he said to the bushes. “Whatever it is – I’m coming in!” and he stepped into the bushes, parting the branches as best he could.

Sniff, sniff, sob – Monster looked down and on the ground next to the bush he saw a furry little creature with a pink nose and long, floppy ears sitting by a big basket full of white eggs.

“Oh goodness, oh dear! Who is you and why’s you here?” the monster asked in surprise… He’d never seen a bunny before – and this little guy was really sad.

The startled little bunny looked at the funny creature that had burst into the bushes and wasn’t quite sure if he should laugh – or run away fast!

“Oh please,” he sobbed. “Don’t hurt me – or my eggs. I’m an Easter bunny but I’ve lost my colors and I don’t know what to do. I’m supposed to hide colored eggs for the children for Easter, but – but – but,” and the little rabbit started to cry harder than before! “They’re just white and the children won’t like them!”

Monster looked at the sad bunny and the eggs. Then, in an instant, he knew just what to do. “Little fuzzle-wunky-flipity-ears, quit your snifflin’ – stop the tears.  I won’t harm ya. Have no fears.  Now if you help me, blippity-blew, I think I have a fix for you.”

The bunny’s eyes grew big and round. He wiped away a tear with his paw and wiggled his whiskers with excitement. “Oh, do you have my colors? Do you know where they are?”

“Flippy-fuzy-clippety-bone. I got’s colors of my own.” Said monster and then he told the bunny to tickle him!

“Whaa -?” said the surprised bunny. “Tickle you?!”

“Just do it little fur-ball!” demanded monster and he bent over toward the bunny. “You’ll see some for-pickle-pie-donkle-hippy-duppy monster magic.”

The bunny flicked his long ears and they rubbed on the monster’s nose. He flicked them again and monster began to giggle – and COLORS shot out from the monster! Beautiful, rainbow colors that went up into the bushes – and down into the basket of eggs!

Bunny flopped his ears harder – whoosh, swhoosh – on the monster’s face and tummy. Colors went everywhere! Monster was laughing. Bunny started to laugh. He looked into his basket with amazement -the white eggs were now beautiful, multi-colored eggs!

“Wow!” cried the happy bunny, thumping his feet and wiggling his nose with excitement. “You’ve colored my eggs! You are magic! Wheee! Thank you, thank you!!”

Just then, monster heard Danny calling “Monster – monster! Where are you monster?”

“Fizzy-fuzzy-eggy-I got’s to shake a leggy,” said monster to the bunny. “Now no more sniffle-snuffle. You just do the happy bunny shuffle!” And with a big grin, monster EXPLODED out of the bushes and rolled his way up to Danny.

“Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you.” Said Danny. “Look the yard is all clean. Now maybe the Easter Bunny will hide some eggs for us on Easter. Do you think he might?”

“Yuppy-ker-chuppy, fuzzy-flop-poo. I thinks the bunny will bring eggs for you” monster said with a wink and a very big grin. “I bet he brings some eggs with pretty colors too!”

Happy Easter! Fizzle-winks and fuzzy-wuzzy!

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