Pages to Color

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We have lots of pages to color, PDF ‘book’ for your child to color! Be sure to fill in the sign-up form to get the pages to color and to receive our once per week newsletter with fun info about Danny Books.

To sign up and get the pages to color CLICK HERE

Color Me!

The coloring pages are in a PDF file format and you may print out as many pages as you wish. Make copies for the neighbor kids too! Most kids love to color and monster needs his colors!

Share pages and/or original drawings!

If you would like to share your child’s artwork with me, that would be great! I will post all that I can on this site. Be sure to include child’s name, age and city/state/country of residence.

If they want to draw their own version of the little monster, or share an adventure for the monster to have … send that along too! Just scan in their masterpiece and attach it to an email :

We will be having some contests and other fun stuff in the future – so stay tuned!

Have a great time reading Danny Books!

Janet Young