More Danny Books – Butterflies and Bugs!

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Everybody loves butterflies – especially the endangered Monarch Butterfly. This book helps to teach children (and parents) about the life cycle and special needs of the monarchs. It is both fun and educational too!
Becky the Butterfly Girl

Love this book!
Love this book!

And everyone loves ladybugs – and fairies! This is the tale of a little ladybug who is searching for her missing spots and finds lots of adventures in the garden! Children love this story.
Lily the Ladybug Who Has No Spots:

A garden adventure for Lily.
Lily the Ladybug – Will she find her spots?

The ladybug story was written by the author and her 3 year old granddaughter as they went for a walk, seeking a little adventure.

Indeed, they found a little ladybug – with no spots! and spent the rest of the walk seeing if they could find her some spots . . . and letting their imaginations lead the way.

Try it! Take your child on a walk into nature and really look closely to the many things you may see. Mother nature is full of beauty and surprises, too!