Ladybug Flies Onto the Bookshelf!!

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A garden adventure for Lily.
Lily the Ladybug – Will she find her spots?

This adorable little ladybug named Lily just flew into the growing stack of Danny Books looking for her spots! She wants us to help her find them. Now, how can we resist doing a favor for such a cute little bug? Now you need to help us too and share this with lots of children!

Lily has no spots! No one seems to know what happened to her spots but the other ladybugs tease her all of the time, and she is sad.

But Lily is an action-taker and off she goes on a great adventure into the garden all by herself, determined to find her missing spots!

There are many creatures in the garden – creepy spiders, hungry toads, busy, buzzy bees – oh Lily is sure to meet some characters!

And, at last, she finds the very special surprise that will help her solve her problem . . but how? and who?

This is a fun little adventure – just right for that read-aloud bedtime story! Your kids will love it!