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Kids love Danny Books! They giggle at the thought of their socks and undies going off to play at night when everyone is fast asleep. (Please note … yes, the undies do go dancing with the socks! If reading about dancing socks – and undies – upsets you, then please choose another book! My grandkids loved it! 🙂

And the children love to try to talk ‘monster talk’ and read about the silly antics that the colorful little monster gets into! Snizzle-warts!

For a FREE Danny Book (and one that is loved by many!) you must get the very first intro to Danny – http://jcy.me/socks

The Danny Monster series – Start here and be there when Danny first meets his magical monster friend.

Look at this silly Monster!
Look at this silly Monster!

Boys and monsters – will they get into mischief? Will they tease the girls? Check it out –http://jcy.me/mischief

Danny Book 3
Monster Mischief is a hoot!

Authors’ choice! Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? But what happens when you take a monster and he gets lost …? http://jcy.me/missing

Danny's Missing Monster - another fun monster adventure!
Danny’s Missing Monster – another fun monster adventure!

What to take for “show ‘n tell” ..? A monster, of course. And what happens when the bullies go after Danny? I think they get a SURPRISE! http://jcy.me/school

Monster Goes to School !
Monster Goes to School !

There’s lots of fun to be had at the beach, of course. But have you ever met the Sandpeople? Going to the beach will never be the same after you read this fun monster adventure! http://jcy.me/sand

It's a fun day at the beach for Danny's monster!
It’s a fun day at the beach for Danny’s monster!

Danny and monster go on a great adventure with Danny’s twin friends Kyle and Jordan and their Gramma Mimi! From giant frogs to little lost girls, the trip becomes an a-maze-ing afternoon! http://jcy.me/arboretum

Join Danny and his special friends as they hunt for giant frogs at the Arboretum!

Your Reviews are important! If you/ your kids liked the monster books – please write us a review and let us know. What made the children giggle? What was the favorite part? Some info about the book(s) will make the review helpful to others who are thinking of getting the book.

To leave a review on amazon, click on the link to the book you wish to review, then scroll down to the reviews and click on the ‘review this book’ tab. You can review as yourself – or even use a different name if you want. . . just do it!  🙂

Thank you!

These books are available as ebooks and also as print/paperback.