Bucky, our Prez

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Okay, we should use his proper Bucket J Dawg name here, after all, he is our President. He doesn’t mind though, as long as I keep his water dish full and don’t try to teach him how to read.

Bucky is pretty laid back. Rather than moving from his favorite spot, usually right in front of the door or right behind my desk chair, he will let you walk over, or, sometimes, on him. oops.

Bucky is a talker and is prone to start up long conversations when it’s mid-afternoon and we haven’t gone for our daily walk yet. He is also not shy about requesting food when it’s mealtime. And, he often sings and howls . . . in his sleep.

Most of all, Bucky is a special old pooch. Not too many Dawgs get to be President of anything (on second thought, it could happen . . . )

Bucky thinks everyone should like and share him on the internet. Hmmm, that would be nice – We’d like you to share our website with other. Woof – woof.