Baby Bird Lost – a monster story for spring.

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Danny was helping his mommy pull weeds in the garden. It was spring cleanup time and the weeds were growing fast. The weather was warm and sunny – a wonderful day to be outside!

Monster was outside too, watching Danny and wondering what sort of fun he could have if he just jumped into the weed bucket – kerplunk! – gibble-dee, jobble-dee – funk.

But then monster heard a little noise. Peep. Peep, peep . . . coming from somewhere in the bushes along the fence. “Sniffle-snurk, sniffle-chat,” he asked Danny. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what, monster?” Danny replied. “I’m busy right now. I didn’t hear anything.” And Danny kept right on pulling weeds and tossing them into the bucket.

So monster flipped a couple of somersaults and wandered off to where he thought he heard the noise. Then he stopped and stood very quiet, listening.

He heard birds chirping. He heard a car drive by on the street. He heard an airplane up in the sky. He heard Danny huff and puff as he pulled the weeds. And then – he heard it again, peep, peep, peep, coming out from the bushes.

“Snick-a-picka-din-din,” he said to the bushes. “Whatever it is – I’m coming in!” and he stepped into the bushes, parting the branches as best he could.

Sniff, sniff, sob, peep, peep! – Monster looked down and on the ground under the bush he saw a little bitty baby bird. It was looking up into the bushes but it didn’t have many feathers and was too tiny to fly. It hopped up and down as it wobbled around on the ground. “Peep, peep, I want my mama!” it cried.

“Oh goodness, oh dear! Who is you and why’s you here?” the monster asked in surprise… He’d never seen a baby bird before – and this little guy was really sad.

The startled little bird looked at the funny creature that had burst into the bushes and wasn’t quite sure if he should laugh – or hop away – fast!

“Oh please,” he sobbed. “Don’t hurt me! I’m just a baby bird. When my momma flew away to get us some food. . . I, well I sort of peeked out of the nest and then I sort of fell over the edge – but – but – but,” and the little bird started to cry harder than before! “I didn’t mean to fall and now I don’t know how to get back to the nest. I’m hungry. I want my mama. Peep, sniff, peep!”

Monster looked at the sad looking little bird. Then, in an instant, he knew just what to do. “Little fuzzle-wunky-flipity-wings, quit your snifflin’ – here’s the things. I won’t harm ya, so take a rest. We just haf’ta find your nest.”

The little bird’s eyes grew big and round. He let out a happy little ‘cheep’ with excitement. “Oh, let’s find my nest. You can do it, I’m sure you can!”

Monster reached down through the bushes and gently picked up the little bird. Little bird looked at monster and at the horns sticking out of his head. “Are those things worms,” asked the baby. “Can I eat one?”

“Hickle-tee-fickle-tee! Cheez and corns! Those aren’t worms – they’re my horns!” said monster with a giggle. “I ain’t baby food for you, little guy.”

Just then there was a loud squawk and a big bird flew right into the bushes – and right at monster! The bird flapped her wings frantically and gave a peck with her beak right on top of monster’s head before she landed on the branch beside him.

“You’ve got my baby, you monster!” she hollered. “You stole him from the nest. Bad-bad-bad!! What sort of a terrible bad monster are you to steal my little baby?!” and she swooped out and gave monster another sharp peck right on his nose!

“Ouchy – ka-pouchy!” cried monster! “This must be your mama and she sure is grouchy!” and a stream of purple and red color shot out from his horns.

Baby bird hopped up and down in monster’s hand. “No, mama, no!” he shook his little head and cried to the big bird. “This is my friend and he is going to help me get back to the nest! I falled off all by myself – he didn’t do it!”

Mama bird, who happened to be a robin, cocked her head from side to side trying to understand what her baby had just said. Then she puffed up her red breast a little bit, flipped her tail, took a big breath of air, looked right at monster – and said “Oh dear. I’m so sorry I called you a monster and pecked at you. I’ve been so worried about my little one here that I guess I just lost my head.”

“But, I yam a monster. . .” began little monster, which made mama bird flap her wings in fright. “Well, I wanna be scary – but scary I’m not. I like to do good things. I like that a lot!” and he sent out some pretty yellow and green polka dots just to make mama feel better.

“Now, let’s get to work, and I’ll do my best,” he said to mama, “to get your baby back home, if you’ll show me your nest.”

Mama bird looked up. With her beak she pointed up above the bushes to a tree branch overhead. “It’s up there,” she said with a sigh. “It’s really quite high.”

“Jeezle bubs!” exclaimed monster, looking up at the nest and then down at the little bird in his hand. “Whizzy nuts and jelly janny. . . we need help from my boy, Danny.”

Monster assured mama robin that her baby would be safe and sound with him as he backed out of the bushes – and almost bumped right into Danny!

“There you are – I’ve been looking for you!” declared Danny. “What are you doing in the bushes – and what is that in your hand? Oh monster, you didn’t take a baby bird out of its’ nest did you?!”

“Pie farts and cherry tarts!” answered monster. “This little guy needs you and me to help him gets where he needs to be. I may be a monster but I’m da best. I don’t take little birdies out of their nest!”

Little bird was peeping again, and hopping up and down in fright. He’d never been close to a human before and he wanted his mama again. “Woozie whoops, little dinky clown,” monster said gently to the baby bird. “It’s all okay – you just calm down.”

So Danny went off to get his daddy. Then daddy went to the garage and got a tall ladder to put up against the tree. And all the while mama robin was singing “They’re helping my baby. They’re helping me. They’re putting baby back up in the tree. Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp-eee!”

Daddy carefully took the little bird and climbed up the ladder to the nest. There were two other little birds cheeping and peeping in surprise and fright as they saw daddy approach with their brother.

Mama bird was right there too. She calmed her babies down and sang to them. “They’re helping us, they’re helping us. Settle down and don’t make a fuss. Chirp-chirp-chirp.”

Daddy gently placed the tiny bird into the nest. “You stay in there now until you’re big enough to fly. It’s a long way down to the ground,” daddy warned.

“I know, peep, peep. I know! I’ll stay here. I won’t go!” sang little bird happily as he snuggled in next to the other babies.
Mama bird was right close by, singing and chirping to her children. Happy to have her little one back in the nest.

As Daddy, Danny and monster were heading back to the house, up flew daddy robin with a big fat, juicy worm in his beak. “This is for the funny little guy who saved my baby,” sang the robin. “A tasty morsel to say thank you!”

Danny and Daddy were laughing to see the look on monsters face. “Fizzle warts and snarly pigs feet! Your fine gift is mighty sweet . . . but I thinks you’se better give it to your babies to eat! Your baby was fine. I liked him a lot. But fat juicy worms – well, I just think not.  Thank you, thank you anyways.”

Robin flew off to babies and nest. The guys and monster went inside to rest.

Figgle-giggle- icky- worms.  The end.