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Welcome to the Danny Books website! This site is run by Pine Lane Publishing – an organic acre of plants and fun featuring trees, flowers, pond – and safety for all creatures that happen by!

Our President and CEO is Bucket J Dawg, affectionately know as “Bucky” and, most often, “Bucky-in-the-way.” He is a lovable mutt who loves people, walks, treats and naps. Once in awhile he can be persuaded to chase a squirrel off a bird feeder but that’s a lotta work for the Buck!

If you would like to contact us please send an email to jytalk2me@gmail.com and put “Danny Books” in the headline.

The Author of Danny Books, Janet Young, welcomes your comments and suggestions. Janet is a mother, grandmother, gardener, monarch butterfly raiser, health nut, walker, canoeist, camper, swimmer, writer … et al. She loves to make people laugh, to get together with family and friends, to watch the fish in the pond on a warm summer night, and to play bridge.

Janet spent nearly 30 rewarding years raising funds to help feed hungry people around the world. Her career took her to many countries, visiting in small villages, barrios, refugee camps and more. Her dream is to write the stories of  the many people she encountered on those trips and raise funds to continue the work of providing for people in need.

“The children in the USA, for the most part, have no idea how fortunate they are. I have been to many places where there were no books, no toys – not to mention food or running water!”